Supply and demand

Just 12 countries are the source of the world's potash production, meeting the needs of more than 150 countries. More than 65% of the world's potash supply is located in two regions: Saskatchewan in Canada, and among the states of the former Soviet Union.

About 93% of world potash production is consumed by the fertilizer industry, and the United States is the world's seventh largest producer. Potassium chloride is the main fertilizer product, containing an average 61% of K2O equivalent. Other potassium fertilizers include potassium nitrate, potassium magnesium sulfate, and potassium sulfate.

U.S. production has been relatively stable for several years, but the increased demand from emerging nations has prompted producers to begin expanding their production capacity. One new potash mine needs to open every year in order to keep up with growing global demand, otherwise demand will outstrip supply.