The Dakota Salts Potash Project

Background information

Dakota Salts™ properties overlie the Williston Basin which today yields over 33% of the world™s potash supply. The North Dakota State Government Geological survey estimates there are some 50 billion tonnes of potash in North Dakota. Dakota Salts™ claims cover some 19 square miles of land 155 miles north-west of Bismarck. Based on a wealth of historic data, Dakota Salts™ claim area overlies known exploration targets where typically the potash seam is 20ft-35ft thick at 8000-9000ft beneath the surface. The K2O (potash) grade ranges between 10-25% and dependant on grade, the land has been estimated to contain 2.1 to 5.2 million metric tonnes per square kilometer.

Its properties are close to rail, gas and water infrastructure.

Current status

Dakota Salts has been and continues to work closely with the North Dakota authorities to progress the potash mining project. In August 2010, the company was awarded the first potash exploration permit issued in North Dakota for thirty years. In conjunction with its drilling partners - Boyd Exploration Consultants Ltd. (Boyd PetroSearch) and North Rim Exploration Ltd. (North Rim)  Dakota Salts commenced its initial drilling program in November 2010.

Images of the drilling rig can be viewed here